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The fourth concert will take us on a journey to the East, presenting the UNC Asian Mixed Ensemble performing traditional and modern gems of Asian repertoire on original and modern instruments as well as Western masterworks inspired by the rich Asian cultural heritage. This concert will also feature various works by de Lalande, Debussy, Arensky and a guest performance of Kreisler's "Tambourin chinois" by violinist Edward W. Hardy and pianist Hanguang Wang.



Journey to the East  

Asian Mixed Ensemble  

(Erhu/Saw uu, Jake/shamisen, shakuhachi/klui/duduk, slenthem/peking, ching/daff/ton-ramana)

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Haru Sandai (Three themes of the spring)

Japanese Ensemble: shamisen and koto


Ladrang Pangkur Laras Pelog Pathet Nem

Merak (Peacock Dance)

Bubaran Udan Mas (Golden Ruin)



Michel Richard de Lalande

Air des Siamois  (a reconstruction)

String quintet (2 violin/ 2viola/ cello) + harpsichord

Claude Debussy

Pagodes, from Estampes (1903), piano solo

Fritz Kreisler

Tambourin chinois for Violin and Piano

Anton Arensky

Etude sur un theme chinois, Op. 25, No. 3. 


The Maritime

For Western string, piano, percussion, Gamelan and Asian mixed ensemble

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Western strings: 2 violin/ 2viola/ cello


Percussion: Timpani/Marimba

Gamelan: Bonang, Slenthem, Peking, Saron

Asian Mixed Ensemble

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To purchase tickets, visit tickets.unco.edu, or by phone: (970) 351-4849 / at the door